Booking terms

Our detailed booking terms and conditions are outlined below. Should you have any further queries or requests ahead of your visit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

An e-mail address must be provided upon making a booking at our restaurant, as this link will be provided on booking confirmation e-mails.

Reservation Duration
Tables are available for two hours, after which they will be re-booked. Please contact us if you would like to stay at your table for longer than two hours and, if we have space available, we will do our best to accommodate you. For tables booked at 13:30 or later, or 20:00 or later, your table will not be re-booked and you will not need to request the table for a longer period of time if required.

We respectfully ask that you are ready to be seated at the time of your reservation to ensure the best possible level of service to all of our guests. If you are running late, we kindly ask that you notify us by telephone at your earliest convenience. If you have any amendments to the size of your party please notify us by telephone in advance, as additions to the table cannot be guaranteed without prior notice.

Should you wish to have a drink prior to being seated, please arrive earlier or change your reservation to a later time. You may continue your experience in the bar or on the terrace for drinks after your meal.

Cancellation Policy

We are a small restaurant, and as such even a table of four represents a significant proportion of our business. We understand that sometimes it can’t be helped that plans have to change, however all we ask is that if you have booked a table with us you let us know if you are no longer able to attend.

Reservations of up to 6 people can be made using our online booking system. For larger parties please either call or email the restaurant to discuss availability. Please do not book multiple tables to make up numbers, as we cannot guarantee that we can honour such reservations and this may result in your party being seated over several tables rather than one.

Table Allocation
Due to the large number of requests, unfortunately we cannot guarantee window tables or specific areas when taking reservations, but we will do our best to accommodate your requests. Your understanding is appreciated.

Food Safety and Allergens
We respectfully ask that food that has not been prepared in our kitchens is not consumed on our premises. The reasons we have implemented this policy are that we are (i) often unable to find a place to store a cake in a fridge, which is often required for food safety purposes, (ii) the service of food not on the menu can impact our quality of service to the customer who brought the cake and customers on other tables, especially if we were not warned in advance, (iii) in the event of an alleged food poisoning or serious allergic reaction of one of our guests, we would be unable to trace the source in accordance with our Food Safety procedures.

We cater for most dietary requirements and have strict policies in place for customers with food allergies. These policies and our allergen menus are available. We are happy to respond to any specific requests for further information regarding allergens in our kitchens prior to your visit. All of our managers, floor staff, chefs and kitchen staff are fully trained on our allergen policy and any questions can be answered prior to orders being taken.